Achieve healthy glowing skin

Weekly skincare routine 

MONDAY: Wash, aloe vera mask

TUESDAY: Wash, mask

WEDNESDAY: Wash, exfoliate

THURSDAY: Wash, honey

FRIDAY: Wash, mask

SATURDAY: Wash, aloe vera mask

SUNDAY: Wash, exfoliate

Wash: I use Epiwash to cleanse my face on a daily basis. I have written a blog post talking about this product in depth so you can go read that.

Aloe vera gel: I discovered this method through Farah Dhukai. Go check her out on Instagram @farahdhukai she shares some really great beauty secrets. At home we have aloe vera plants so having access to them is very easy. I simply pick one leaf and I cut off the thorns on the side (note: you have to cut the thorns off otherwise they will scratch your face) I then cut the leaf horizontally and I apply the gel on my face. Please avoid contact with eyes and mouth. I leave the gel to dry up or on some days I sleep with the gel on then when I wake up I rinse it off however if you don’t want to do this method then when it’s dry after application just rinse it off. This aloe vera gel helps to remove any acne or any pigmentation and it has a whole lot of other benefits that I will speak about in my next blog post. I use this mask 2 times a week

Garnier mask: This is a recent purchase that I have decided to include in my skincare routine. Before I used the L’Oreal pure clay mask which I absolutely love and I would highly recommend. This Garnier pure active product is a 3 in 1 wash, scrub and mask. The clay is not as thick as the L’Oreal pure clay due to its many uses. You only need to apply a thin layer of this product. I prefer charcoal masks because they really draw out all the excess oils on your skin especially someone like myself who has combination skin, and it brings out that inner glow. A mask is a skin treatment that is very important for your skin. I use it twice a week but if your skin is extremely oily then 3 times a week would be more effective.

Exfoliate: I have a blog post that focuses on exfoliating and what I use to do so, so you can go catch up on that post.

Honey: I use honey to moisturise my skin. Honey is naturally antibacterial therefore it is great for treating and preventing acne. It slows down aging due to the antioxidants that it contains and one that everyone will love is that it boosts your complexion! Ever since I began using it my skin feels so moisturised and soft and I am glowing all thanks to honey and what’s a better time to glow than during the Summer season.

I hope that my skincare routine can help you improve your skincare routine. If you have a specific skincare routine feel free to share it by commenting down below. I’d really appreciate your engagement. I have installed a contact form on my homepage so if you wish to get in touch with me use that. Help me make my blog a worthwhile experience for you. I’m open to any suggestions.

Thanks for reading!