Connie Transform

It has been a minute. With exams finally being over I can bring you guys some new fun, exciting and informative posts. Now on to some exciting news, I have been given the opportunity to distribute products for Connie Transform. Connie Transform is a local beauty brand that sells liquid matte lipsticks, lip glosses and eye lashes! Yes we all know of Kylie Cosmetics and Huda Beauty but Connie Transform is the underdog that you should look out for. Connie Transform lipsticks cater for all skin tones.

In their range they have 16 liquid matte lipsticks and 3 new to the range lip glosses. As a woman of colour I struggled to find a lipstick that would suit my skin tone. I never used to find the perfect nude or pink or red, ones that were close to perfect were just too expensive for me. I love how affordable these lipsticks are and I absolutely love the formula of the matte lipsticks. When I say this matte lipstick doesn’t move I am not joking. You can eat and drink but not have to re-apply the lipstick. Just a heads up on matte lipsticks, make sure that you moisturise your lips first as they do tend to dry your lips if you don’t do that step first and this applies to all matte lipsticks. The lip glosses can be used over the matte lipsticks to give your lips a high shine and high moisture look and feel to them. Lastly eye lashes complete the makeup look so Connie Transform has come up with 3 types, these lashes are reusable and they do come with the glue inside. If you are a beginner at makeup they may overwhelm you because they take you from pretty to glam in just minutes.

I am a Pietermaritzburg distributor so if you are from PMB feel free to email me or contact me via my social media links. My details are also available on the Connie Transform website so tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends that I have the next big thing. To pick your colour visit and let me know which one you want so that I can place the order for you. I am selling the liquid matte lipsticks and lip glosses for R200 and the eyelashes for R270.

*Email me at