{First Impression} Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners

Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners

Calling all Ladies, introducing to you the Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners. Firslty I’d like to thank Beauty Bulletin for choosing me to receive and review this product. I’m excited to take you on this journey with me as I try this product for 20 days. Now Ladies I’m pretty sure that we all want to feel comfortable and confident everyday so I will be sharing with you the Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners- Flexicomfort and the Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners- Cotton Touch (Aloe+Unscented)

  • Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners- Flexicomfort

These are SO cute! They are the perfect size to fit in your handbag and gym bag, they are so portable. These pantyliners are beautifully wrapped in a floral plastic that is easy to open. The pantyliner itself is so thin and cotton soft therefore it should be very gentle on the skin. It smells so great, it has a fresh scent and is completely flexible. This pack of 20 individually wrapped pantyliners retails for R22,95. I find it very affordable especially for a student such as myself.

  • Stayfree Everyday Pantyliners- Cotton Touch (Aloe+Unscented)

These are new to the range. They come in bigger boxes that are not easily portable and they come unwrapped in the box. They have floral detail on the pantyliner. The pantyliner is a little bit thicker than the Flexicomfort but it is still as flexible. It has a cotton touch that is so soft on the skin. These come in an Aloe scent or the unscented, the box with the Aloe scent smells so good and refreshing, the scent is so lite that I’m sure it wouldn’t irritate the skin. The pantyliner is very lightweight as well. This pack of 20 normal pantyliners retails for R22,95. These too are very affordable.

Pantyliners are for external use only! They are to be used for the “other days” excluding your period. More reviews will follow as I start using this product. You can follow my weekly journey on my social media. Please COMMENT, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE 🙂