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Skincare products

This is my skincare routine part 2, you can read my previous blog post which is also about my skincare routine but focuses more on my face and how I take care of it. These are the products that I currently use and will be talking about. They are really helping me through the Winter months. I have been switching products and I was never satisfied but ever since I have discovered the Vaseline intensive care cocoa glow, the Almond milk and Honey exfoliating scrub and the Oh So Heavenly foot butter I have never been so happy so let’s get into it.

Vaseline intensive care

This is the Vaseline intensive care cocoa glow cream. It has micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, it is fast absorbing and is a non-greasy formula. This Vaseline cream restores very dry skin, hence “intensive care”, the pure cocoa butter restores dull-looking skin and really brings out the natural inner glow of the skin. The reason why I love this product is because it literally keeps me moisturised ALL DAY as with the previous products I noticed that come late afternoon I would be so dry. This Vaseline smells so incredible I could eat it lol. So far I’m so pleased, I really recommend this product especially for Winter. The intensive care range has 6 different types; the dry skin repair cream, the cocoa glow cream, the aloe soothe cream, the advanced repair lightly fragrance cream, the advanced repair free fragrance cream, and the camphor restore. These also come in lotions and spray moisturises so the options are endless!

Almond milk and Honey

Now this right here, is my absolute favourite! Presenting the Almond milk and Honey gentle exfoliating cream scrub. This product is made to smooth and soften sensitive skin. It gently removes dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling so soft. The organic almond milk is from Spain and the community trade honey is from Ethiopia. This body scrub is specially formulated for sensitive and dry skin. The Vitamin E found in almond milk promotes healthy and glowing skin and it also prevents ageing. How I use it is that I put on the bath gloves and I apply the cream on my body and scrub away then I immediately wash it off, it’s that simple. The bath gloves make such a huge difference. The smell is so delicious I can’t even describe it and it is so calming it puts me in such a good mood. To all the students and mothers out there, if you want to calm exam stress and work stress this is for you.

Oh So Heavenly foot butter

This is a recent purchase and I have been loving it. This is the Oh So Heavenly marine minerals foot butter. During Winter months feet can get very dry so this product came to the rescue for me. It intensively moisturises dry feet and softens them, it contains Vitamin F which helps to smooth rough skin and reduce moisture loss. How to use it is that you simply massage it onto clean and dry feet everyday.

That is my skincare routine for the Winter months and I rate all of these products 5 stars. I got the Vaseline intensive care and Oh So Heavenly foot butter at Clicks and the exfoliating scrub at The Body Shop. Keep your skin looking healthy and feeling soft this Winter.