{Review} Nivea Perfect and Radiant










The Nivea Perfect and Radiant even tone day cream, 2 week journey has come to an end. I am so thankful to Rubybox for choosing me to try out this product and a big thank you goes out to the ladies who tried out this product with me.

Here’s what I have to say about this product:

Firstly I absolutely love the packaging, it’s so clean and feminine. The box is not too busy, the information is easy to read and I also love how the side of the box shows the visual of the actual size of the cream inside. The price is reasonable, however it is a bit more expensive than my Olay cream that I was using. The quality is great, the formula is silky and smooth. The product absorbs quite quickly into the skin and makes it so soft. My face did get a bit shiny throughout the day. In terms of effectiveness, I used this product for 2 weeks as I had pigmentation on my forehead, I didn’t get the best results. I still have pigmentation in that area however it did brighten up my skin. Even though I didn’t receive the results I was looking for I would still recommend this product as it might work for you. I will not be making a repurchase.

Here’s what the other ladies had to say:

“The Nivea skin product overall is amazing. I like the fact that when I have it on, I don’t need to keep wiping my face because of sweat and oil. However it does give me a bit of a shiny face especially when I’m outdoors but overall it’s a great product.” -Luyanda Phetha.

“I think the white and pink is an incredible choice, soft and feminine. I would rework some of the wording because it just speaks of ‘soft and radiant’ which is great but it’s very ambiguous and that makes it sound like the product does nothing in reality. Prior to using the product I would’ve thought it was too expensive but it is worth the price. Most lotions have a watery quality to them which tends to get uncomfortable. The Nivea Perfect and Radiant was soft and felt almost fluffy, like butter but it didn’t feel too thick and allowed my skin room to breathe. Within the first week mu skin was more even toned and dark marks were less visible. By the end of the two weeks I was virtually glowing. The product worked above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend this product. Very few skin products make any positive difference to my skin. If this one worked for me I can almost guarantee it’ll work for anyone else.” -Zinhle Cele.

“The packaging is really cute, I love that they have a visual representation of the actual size of the product outside the box on its side. The quality of the product seems to be of standard and I have no complaints. I felt that although the product lightened dark marks, it slightly lightened my skin in general as well which I did not like. It does give a smooth almost matte finish when you apply it and it seems to absorb quite nicely into he skin which is great. Although overall it was a good product, I generally don’t use any product on my skin and I haven’t had any problems with my skin so far so I do not see a reason to start using skin products on my face considering that I did not receive a huge difference in my skin after the usage of the product. I would therefore not repurchase this product but because it is still a lovely product, I would recommend it to someone struggling with uneven skin tone.” -Yinhle Goba.

“Packaging is very convenient and portable which can be easily stored in a handbag when travelling and the price is also affordable for students an employed people. The quality is good because it gave me no skin problems it was just normal and you don’t need to apply a lot of it. I would recommend it to other people but I wouldn’t repurchase it because it didn’t give me the results I was expecting.” -Minenhle Tembe.

“I really enjoyed using this product. The packaging is very appealing with a soft pink colour. The price is very reasonable. It’s definitely value for money. It wasn’t harsh on my skin. I love the fact that it gave me a close to matte feel without making my skin feel dry. I do believe that this product is effective. I had really damaged skin from being in the sun so I also purchased the Nivea Perfect and Radiant 3 in 1 cleanser which helped get rid of dead skin. I would most definitely continue using this product. I’ve never been big on using facial products but I’ve realised it’s importance especially as I grow older and I see myself committing to it. I would recommend it to other women (20-30) to use it as it is great.” -Gertrude Chingondole.

“I quite like the packaging in that it’s size-able and not too big and fits the products perfectly. Price is also reasonable for a face product as many of them don’t come cheap nowadays so it’s affordable for my student budget. Love love love the quality of the product, not greasy on the skin. I have oily skin so it works well with the type of skin I have. Effectiveness, it does the job. I mean it faded some of the dark spots I had from pimples and stuff. Definitely would recommend it and repurchase it.”-Thando Makhaye.